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The CC-14 by Certified Comparator Products is a high-quality benchtop optical comparator that includes telecentric optics with corrected images (erect and reversed), a 16” (406 mm) screen with full 14” (356 mm) viewing area, ground glass screen with 90° Centerline, and a 3 position internal magnification lens changing system.  Additionally, the TruLight™ monochromatic variable intensity LED profile illumination will ensure every feature is visible.


Features and Specifications

  •        0.00004” (1 µm) resolution glass scales
  •        Digital screen rotation protractor with 1' resolution
  •        Measuring Stage and Capacity
  •        12 x 5" (300 x 127 mm) X-Y travel manual worktable
  •        Precision cast worktable assembly with 45 lb (20 kg) load capacity
  •        6.5° Helix Motion
  •        Hardened worktable with fixturing slots
  •        Quick release X-axis motion on manual systems
  •        3.9” (99 mm) constant working clearance with all lenses
  •        9.8” (250 mm) throat clearance with all lenses
  •        1.5” (38 mm) focus travel with precision fine adjustment
  •        Rigid Metal Base for metrological thermal and physical stability
  •        Fused electrical system for 115 volt, 50/60 Hz single phase pow
  •        Operation and service manual
  •        1 year warranty

Readout Options

  • QVI Q-Touch OR QVI Q-Check Digital Readout (included)
    • The QVI Q-Touch Digital Readout is a compact and advanced color graphics touchscreen controller offering multi-function geometric measurements and constructions. It is designed to be completely integrated with any QVI optical comparator. It cannot be used as a standalone unit. Q-Touch has a bright, easily readable display in all light conditions, and can be used with the EdgeScan internal automatic edge detection system.
    • The CCP Q-Check® Digital Readout provides extensive geometric processing power. Q-Check’s extensive features include: dual white on blue 2-line LCD displays, ergonomic mounting at screen height, durable construction designed to survive in almost any shop environment, built-in serial and parallel interfaces to connect with printers. Measures: Angles, radii, diameters, widths, intersections/included angles, distances, roundness, straightness

Additional Options

  • Five magnification lenses available including 10x (included), 20x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x
  • Lighting Options:
    • Oblique (Dark Field) TruLight™ Ring light with eight white LED’s, 6 switch Selectable patterns for directional lighting control. Includes a metallic flip-up light shield to cut down on the glare in the operator's eyes as well as a pull-out light shield to reduce glare on the optical comparator screen.
    • TTL TruLight™ Surface Light: White LED coaxial, bright field surface illumination with variable intensity controls
  • Edge Detection:
    • Projectron™ auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that measures the location of shadow edges automatically. Since it is internal, it does not obscure the viewing screen.
    • EdgeScan™ auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that measures the location of shadow edges automatically. Since it is internal, it does not obscure the viewing screen. Required for automated CNC operation of Quadra-Chek 300.
  • VidiProbe Video Automation Package: VidiProbe transforms the traditional optical comparator into a fully automatic inspection system using Measure-X 2D software. A digital megapixel video camera is installed in the lens turret. When video measurement is needed, simply select the video lens position for fully automatic video measurements. Includes properly configured Windows PC, 22" flat panel monitor, monitor mounting arm, keyboard, three-button mouse, and integrated mouse platform. Includes MeasureX-2D.
    • This option includes Measure-X 2D. Measure-@ 2D makes it simple to measure parts and create automatic measurement routines using the VidiProbeTM video automation package. Measure-X 2D can be used by operators with little or no training, yet is powerful enough to satisfy all your measurement demands. The easy to use interface offers a highly productive work environment. The oversized Image, Model, Program List, and Print Data windows simplify operation and increase productivity. A CAD overlay superimposed on the video image allows easy visual confirmation of actual dimensions compared to the CAD design. Measured values can be printed on the model or live image windows for quick visual reference. Measure-X 2D integrates easily with optional QC-CALC, SmartReport and MeasureFit to enhance your data analysis.
  • The motorized stage features servo motor drives, variable speed joystick and manual fine adjust controls (in lieu of manual worktable). Required for automated CNC operation.
  • Adjustable Direct Projection Diaphragm Iris with Magnetic Mounts reduces "wall effect" on reflective parts and/or deep drawn parts
  • High-Performance Collimator increases overall clarity of backlit image. Useful for reducing wall effect distortion at higher magnifications. Especially desirable for increasing automatic edge detection accuracy and repeatability to absolute optimum performance levels. Not available with systems equipped with 5x magnification.

If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.