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Based upon CCP's most popular benchtop comparator (the CC-14), the C-vision Lite features a smaller footprint than the regular C-Vision. C-Vision Lite features manual stages, and three field of view sizes, ranging from half inch (0.5") to two (2") inch diagonal.  The C-Vision Lite is a cost effective entry level video contour projector, with exceptional image quality and highly capable SnapX Compare (vCAD) software that provides a range of standard comparator charts such as center-line and radius, as well as custom charts based on the part CAD design. This comparator is ideal for small lightweight parts that are less than 5" in height and 8.00" in thickness. 


Features and Specifications

  • Manual Stage 12" x 5"
  • Manual Focus 1.5"
  • +/- 6.5 Degrees of Helix Motion
  • 1µm Scales (X, Y)
  • Profile Light
  • Low Mag Lens w/ 2" FOV (equates to a 4x optical magnification lens)
  • 24" Monitor
  • Computer
  • Includes SnapX Compare (vCAD) software

Additional Options

  • Oblique Surface Illumination, Programmable 8-sector Green LED Ring Light. Selectable by sector.
  • Additional FOV lenses available in 1" FOV (Equates to an 8x optical magnification lens) and .5" FOV (Equates to a 16x optical magnification lens).
  • A motorized stage features servo motor drives, variable speed joystick and manual fine adjust controls (in lieu of manual worktable). Required for automated CNC operation.
  • C-Vision Lens Turret. 3 Position Internal Magnification Lens Changing system.
  • C-Vision Lite Large Monitor. LARGE 32" built-in monitor for optimal viewing of smaller details and CAD overlays
  • Heavy duty laminate stand provides a rigid mounting surface at the optimal viewing height for the optical comparator and includes a shelf storage area for fixtures and other accessories
  • SnapX Measure (also called Measure-X® 2D) from QVI® makes measurement systems from CCP industry favorites. Position, and measure a part feature using video, then go on to other features to incrementally build a virtual model of the entire part. Measure relationships directly in the model window, set axis alignments and define datums, create constructions to gather more measurements and define relationships between discrete part features. Each action becomes a step in a part routine you can save to repeat automatically.
    • Full video field of view image processing provides high speed part measurement
    • Create Routines Offline - Use SnapX offline to create, edit and run part routines using a saved video image
    • interactive Labels & Flyouts - Create labels for critical dimensions directly in the model or image windows
    • CAD Overlay - Projects CAD drawing along with tolerance bands on the live image
    • CAD Navigator - Optional CAD Navigator allows effortless part programming in the CAD model
    • Click and Drive Navigation - CAD Navigator allows positioning on the part by simply clicking on the CAD model
    • Assign feature names to appear as flyouts in the model window and in data reports
    • Save, name, and recall datum structures
    • Construct points from math steps for unlimited geometry constructions
  • CAD Import Option for SnapX Software Translator for DXF, IGES, Gerber, Excellon, or HPGL files. Allows user to create programs from CAD files. Feature subsets or complete part programs may be developed. The functionality supports the creation of multiple datums. The CAD programming controls allow the user to measure features during routine creation or to create a program without the presence of a part. Can be used with SnapX offline.


If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.