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The HE400 is Starrett's most economical bench top comparator.  This model offers a 16" diameter screen, includes a 10x magnification lens, supports a stage travel of 10 x 4", Q-axis angular readout, and Metologix M1 software on a touch screen tablet-based readout. Various readout and software options are available.  


Features and Specifications

  • All metal construction
  • Single bayonet-style lens mounting system
  • Collimating condenser with yellow/green filter and provisions to mount further accessories
  • Linear encoder (glass scale) with .5µm on both X and Y aces
  • LED profile and surface illumination
  • Fully retractable flexible duplex fiber optic surface illumination.
  • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurement 1' resolution
  • Interface options include the Metlogix™ M1 tablet, M2 with PC-Based touch screen measuring software or Metlogix™ MX100, MX200 or Mx200E digital readout systems. 
  • 15.4lb (7kg) load capacity
  • 18.75 x 4.74" precision work stage top plate with machine slot for easy fixturing
  • 10 x 4" of XY stage travel
  • 1-1/8" focus travel
  • Fine adjustments on all axes
  • Quick release mechanism on the X-axis

Additional Options

  • Six interchangeable fixed magnification lenses including 10x (included), 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x
  • Automatic fiber optic edge detection
  • Purpose built cabinet stand
  • Extensive line of accessories
  • Net Weight - 230lbs / 105kg
  • Shipping Weight - 300lbs / 135kg
  • Shipping Dimensions - 49" (L) x 32" (W) x 51" (H)

If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.