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Checkmaster  Model 216-142

Measuring Range: 

  • X - 400mm (16")
  • Y - 500mm (20")
  • Z - 350mm (14")


The compact Checkmaster is a bench top CMM ideal for lab or production floor. Hardened steel ways and steel scales on steel structures offer uniform linear expansion minimizing thermal errors. Checkmaster is well priced so you can put competent inspection capability in multiple locations throughout your plant.

Intrinsic Accuracy Manual CMMs

We test every CMM before it leaves the factory for repeatability and accuracy to insure it meets specification according to ASME B89.4.1a-1998. Accuracy is intrinsic: Checkmaster is manufactured by Helmel to be straight, flat, square and true physically without having to apply a costly software error map to make it right.

Every Checkmaster is designed and packaged for fast and secure installation by the customer. All key components are protected during shipping by specially designed brackets, that when removed, ensures the CMM is ready for your first inspection.

Bundles Include:

  • Optical Non-Contact Steel Cases
  • Locks & fine Adjustment on X, Y and Z
  • Adjustable Spring Steel Counterbalance
  • Moving Bridge Type Construction
  • Precision Bearings on Hardened and Ground Ways
  • Solid Granite Surface Plate
  • 3/8-16 Clamping Inserts
  • Machine Stand with Side Monitor Shelf
  • Windows 10 Computer System with 19" Monitor
  • ProCounter3 Scale & Probe Interface with Cables
  • ∅1" Certified Calibration Sphere with Base
  • GeoWIDGET Training PArt and ePrint
  • (1) Year Warranty
  • Utility: 120/220V, 50/60 Hz Power Supply
  • Receiving and Set Up Instructions
  • On-Line PDF User Guide
  • Weight: 330bs (150kg)
  • Overall Size:  X - 735mm (29") Y - 915mm (36") Z - 1150mm (45")


  • TP-ES Vertical Probe Head
    • Entry level system, one piece body construction mounted in a fixed vertical axis. Most economical touch probe. Usable with M2/M3 Styli including extensions to extend deep into features.

  • MH20i Manual indexable probe head with integral TP20 probe
    • Manually indexable probe head with a built in TP20 kinematic mount. The exchangeable modules allow the use of multiple styli configurations in any of the 168 index-able and repeatable positions eliminating the need for re-qualifications.


Standard Stylus Kit (Note: M3/M2 Adapter only with TPES)

Part Number Description
1 A-5000-4156     dia. 6 x 10 mm
2 A-5000-4161 dia.4 x 20 mm
2 A-5000-4160 dia.3 x 20 mm
1 A-5000-3603 dia.2 x 20 mm
1 M-5000-3647 10 mm Extension
Qu. Part Number Description
2 M-5000-3648   20 mm Extension
1 M-5000-3627 5-Way Center
2 M-5000-3540 Stylus Tool
1 M-5000-4163 M3/M2 Adapter

Recommended Options for TP20
CMM Style: Manual and DCC The TP20 probe system has 5 standard length modules, plus two extended length modules (EM1 and EM2) to fit your inspection needs. These modules also mount directly to the MH20 and MH20i indexing probe head without the use of the TP20 touch probe body.




Body Length

Stylus Len.



0.06 N

13 mm

10-30 mm



0.08 N

13 mm

10-50 mm



0.10 N

13 mm

10-60 mm



0.10 M

13 mm

10-60 mm




0.14 N

24 mm

10-50 mm




0.08 N

88 mm

10-50 mm




0.08 N

113 mm

10-50 mm


  • Geomet Junior Plus
    • Geomet Junior Plus is included as standard with every manual Helmel CMM system and is a fully competent entry-level manual-only 3D inspection software loaded with most of the functions needed for basic inspection. It presents a simple screen with most functions in a highly visible one-touch button cluster and a step-by-step text Report of any measurement session. It is an intuitive interface that does not require extensive training. Most users learn Junior Plus on their own. Geomet Junior Plus includes a powerful set of Part Coordinate System (PCS) tools that Geomet is famous for and a range of feature measuring and construction tools to accomplish nearly any solution. Nominal and Tolerance data can be entered for impressive Reports and any session can be saved and rerun as a program.
  • Geomet 101 Plus
    • Geomet 101 Plus is for both manual and DCC systems. It is an upgrade for manual CMMs and Standard with every Helmel DCC System except those with UCC controllers. It is our most popular package with real strength for both lab applications and the production floor. A graphical area generates a pictorial representation of measured results as a visual guide for part programs and an interactive selector for the Report area. DCC Programming is easy and efficient by “self-teach” method, or learn-by-measuring, with very powerful editing tools and feature generators. Vector Points, tailored Reports, data exporting, and analytical tools for circle profiles. Geomet 101 Plus is loaded with tools and options for DCC operation in the production environment and integration with automation. Measurements can be exported for Reverse Engineering.
  •  Geomet 301
    • Geomet 301 is for both manual and DCC systems and is an upgrade from 101 Plus. It offers unbridled measuring power with typical Geomet friendliness. It all the power of Geomet 101 Plus and a host of other analytical tools to manipulate and review your part inspections. As with all Geomet versions, the time proven and inherent quality of Geomet’s algorithms guarantee meaningful results when creating new and challenging relationships from measured features and Part Coordinate Systems. Solution tools can find answers to nearly any measuring task.


  • CMM Manager Lite
    • Includes all of the features listed with the link above without CAD functionality.
  • CMM Manager CAD
    • Includes all of the features listed with the link above including CAD functionality.

If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.