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The HVR-Flip from Starrett is the latest in a line of video-based measurement systems and has the unique characteristic of being used in either a vertical or horizontal format offering tremendous versatility and value.

Features and Specifications

  • Rapidly measure a single feature, an entire part, or multiple parts with a 3.65 x 3" field of view 
  • FOV accuracy is within .01mm
  • Working distance of 10"
  • MetLogix™ M3 software allows for easy one-touch feature measurement and auto-detect part recognition.
  • Features DXF import and export, graphic based "Part View" constructions and more.
  • Optional software modules are available for profile fitting, wire insulation and thread measurement.
Shipping and Dimensions
  • Net Weight - 100lbs / 45.5kg
  • Shipping Weight - 206 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions - 48" (L) x  26" (W) x 31" (H)

    If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.