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The QVI SNAP™ measurement systems are designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor.  These Large-Field-of-View digital measuring systems combine a high resolution digital metrology camera with specially designed optics and lighting to produce high accuracy images.  All SNAP systems are simple to use, with automatic part ID and AutoCorrelate, simply place a part on the SNAP and press GO. SNAP has capabilities to support multiple varieties of parts to all measured automatically.

XYZ Travel:

SNAP 100 - Manual - 75mm Z-axis 
SNAP 200 - Manual - 150 mm X-axis stage, 75mm Z-axis 
SNAP 300 - Motorized - 150 mm X-axis stage, 75mm Z-axis, 50mm Y-axi 
SNAP 350 - Motorized - 350x350 mm XY stage, 75mm manual focus motion

General Features:

  • Fully telecentric, large field of view (LFOV) optical system.
  • High-resolution QVI digital video camera with 4 digital magnification steps and digital panning with Native Video® image processing.
  • Integral SnapX Measure software with Auto-partID.
  • Compact device (LWH: 42 x 34 x 87 cm) with cast aluminum base and nickel stage, plated stage providing 10 kg load capacity and digitally encoded 75 mm vertical stage travel with travel lock mechanism (SNAP 100/200/300).
  • LED profile (green), programmable green 8-sector ring light.
  • Dedicated computer with customized configuration to satisfy requirements for efficient operation of the video system. Includes Windows operating system.
  • Granite surface plate with steel weldment support structure (SNAP 350).


  • DM Optics High Magnification Lens
    • Dual maginification optics with high magnification lens 78/19mm FOV.
    • High Mag Lens: With Standard Camera = 19mm diag. With LFOV Camera = 31mm diag.
  • SNAP Fixture Kit
    • Includes V-Blocks, Centers, and Helix Motion

SNAP Fixture Kit

If you're interested in having this equipment set up and calibrated, please send us a message at or call us at 216-347-9126.